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Getting Professional Help for Dealing with an Unattended Death

Dealing With Clean Up After Death –

And Why It’s Important


Death is an incredibly difficult reality to deal with. It affects you in so many emotional ways.

Not many people know that in certain circumstances, this tragic and traumatic occurrence can also jeopardize your health.

The natural decomposition process begins immediately once the person dies. The more delayed the biohazard clean up after death, the more difficult it becomes to keep your house and environment clean and your loved ones safe from the deadly hazards that ensue.

The decay that starts immediately after death is due to the trillions of bacteria residing in the human body. A BBC report describes decomposition as a process beginning “several minutes after death with a process called autolysis or self-digestion.”

Why Is It So Important to Clean up After Death After All?

As grotesque as the picture may be, the natural decomposition of the human body is something that demands immediate attention. It becomes an increasingly dangerous environment for anyone occupying the place.

The single most important thing after the body’s removal is the cleanup of the leftovers belonging to the deceased. These need to be handled very carefully since they can be hazardous or toxic.

Dealing with the cleanup of an unattended death can be a lot to handle for someone who has to:

A: do it alone and B, has no experience doing it!

This is why you should leave it to the experts.

Bio-Once Inc.

Looking for reliable companies that clean up after a death?

Bio-One Inc. is a good option to consider for a variety of reasons. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the company has expert knowledge in turning ‘the clutter to the cleanest’ in the event of a suicide, homicide, or traumatic death.​ With over 20 years of industry experience, the experts here know exactly what to do to help you out.

Bio-One also has expertise in crime scene cleanup and decontamination with a full license in biohazard cleanup after death.

 While on many occasions, the family of a deceased one gathers to clean up after death, on their own, it is best to leave it up to the experts and let them do it for you.

Make the Right Decision Today!

As mentioned earlier, death is a traumatic experience and only those going through this trauma truly know what all it entails. With so many things to do, it is all too possible that cleaning up after the episode gets delayed.

But any delay, even unintentional in cleaning up may lead to severe consequences. Don’t put your or anyone else’s safety at risk! Get in touch with the professionals at Bio-Inc today and see how they can assist you.