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Hoarding Cleanup Services

Hoarding Cleanup Companies: How Can They Help?


Having the assistance of a hoarding cleanup company at your doorstep brings great relief. They offer a variety of services that you can benefit from.

But what causes hoarding?

Hoarding-A Problematic Habit:


The primary cause of hoarding is to delay disposal of unwanted items. These objects may occupy large areas of a house and cause biohazards for the residents.

A continued behavior of delaying waste disposal results in a hoarding disorder. You don’t want to part with the items because you feel that the hoarded items are going to be reused one day.

This problematic habit affects cleanliness and results in various health conditions in the long run. Hoarding also affects those in the neighborhood, especially when the items are accumulated in the backyard or near the street.

Smart Ways to Avoid Hoarding

Adapting to a few smart methods ensures that no unwanted items are accumulated. The first step here is to classify and dispose items as soon as they are generated.

Designating a small box or a place to keep such items can also limit them to a great extent. These should then be disposed at a particular time of the day regularly. As a smart tactic you can clean a room with the least amount of items, first.

It is also always advised to wear safety gloves or masks in order to avoid contact with any bacteria at an affected place.

Hoarding can also be prevented by donating the items that can be reused, and making this a regular practice.

Don’t wait for the items to accumulate before you begin tidying the place or reach out to the professionals. Instead, maintain a regular routine.

Get Professional Help

Removing the hoarded items on your own may worsen the situation due to the related health risks. Many places require deep cleaning with the help of special tools and equipment.

Choose a company that’s experienced in biohazard remediation, as they have more expertise than ordinary cleaning personnel.

Duval County Hoarding offers hoarding cleanup services through trained technicians at your doorstep. The company evaluates the situation, decides the right course of action and does the cleanup.

The company is also experienced in animal hoarding clean up and disinfecting following a cleanup.


Hoarding can turn into a big problem. Not  only does it take up so much space but it can also cause health hazards. Asking for professional assistance becomes mandatory when the situation gets too way out of hand.

Setting a regular schedule and maintaining a checklist can help you achieve your objectives in a timely and efficient manner.


Remember, the solution does not lie in only cleaning up, but in breaking the habit of hoarding altogether. Good luck!