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How Professionals Can Help with Hoarding

How Professionals Help With Hoarding


Hoarding can be a serious problem for many. It is the condition of excessively collecting items and inability to discard anything. It can pose health risks for the hoarder and those around him or her.

Even though everyone realizes that it is a problem, helping a hoarder is not a simple task. It requires dedication and hard work. Hoarding can easily become very difficult to manage and looking for professional help with hoarding is a good idea.

How Professionals Can Help with Hoarding

When a person is ready to de-clutter, they need help cleaning their house. This would normally involve hiring a professional as sifting through a hoarder’s mess is no easy task. The cleaning process can involve several stages: 

1.       Gather equipment: containers like trash bags or shipping crates will be needed by the cleaning team to take out items. Goggles, plastic gloves,  and masks of paper can safeguard individuals against dust and bacteria

2.       Empty the rooms: The crew may want to create a vacant staging region for the subsequent placement of retrieved products. If all the rooms are full, a driveway or a yard can suffice. It may be useful for the cleaning team to first wash the bathroom or kitchen. For subsequent washing, they can then access water faucets.

3.       Sort the items: The items can be sorted into three classes by the cleaning team: garbage, keepers, and donations. If an item has been unused for more than a year or is broken, it is probably in the category of trash. When arranging documents, the group may need added caution, as some may have sensitive data.

4.       Disposal of items: Many municipal hygiene facilities lease dumpsters and retrieve the garbage for a charge. Charities are often free to collect donations. The cleaning team may want to disinfect the property before returning the "keeper" products.

Professional help can also be needed in other ways. For instance, homes can require significant repair and disinfection in the wake of clearing a hoarder’s mess. People who are hoarding livestock may need to dispose of toxic waste. This can be a difficult task to do on one’s own. Experts suggest recruiting a dedicated cleaning company if a building has a mold or pest problem.


Duval County Hoarding can help you or your loved one with their hoarding. From clutter removal to when items are stocked from floor to ceiling, we handle any hoarding condition, small or big. We are the leading company in hoarding removal, maintaining strict principles and a genuine desire to help people get their lives back on track. We understand how difficult hoarding can be and are going to offer you as much help as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get professional help with hoarding