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Importance of Sewage and Odor Removal Services

Importance of Sewage and Odor Removal Services


Sewage backups can lead to odor buildup and the spread of harmful diseases. A water spill can also cause unpleasant odors. Odor removal is typically done by removing as much of the source as possible. This step tends to work generally and the odor dissipates. However, there are other tough to solve odor issues where the source may be hard to detect. These instances require a thorough inspection of the site where the odor may be coming from.

Why Professional Services Are Necessary

There are a number of reasons why handling such issues should be left to a professional. We cover those here.

Remedying your property using local technicians and pumping facilities is generally a fast process. Subsequently, cleaning solutions based on chemicals can be applied to guarantee that your property does not experience secondary damage such as mold or mildew. These chemicals, however, may only be masking odors that reappear once the house returns to its ordinary state. Dealing with odors and spills requires professional experience and you need qualified restoration experts to help you with these problems.

Experienced technicians know that the key to odor removal is tackling it at the source. That source may be evident as raw sewage, or less apparent such as pet litter, hidden mold, or bacterial water. Finding the source of an odor is not always feasible, so the only secure way is to address it in various ways to ensure that the atmosphere of your home is clean and healthy.

Naturally, one of the biggest benefits of hiring a service for such a task is the increased levels of safety. Attempting to remove sewage and odor on your own can be a dangerous for you. You need the right kind of equipment to avoid contamination. The service you hire will have this and will ensure your property is cleaned up properly, leaving you with a secure environment.

Reiterating that each method of odor removal differs from one to the other is essential. In some instances, soon after certain techniques are performed, an odor will dissipate. In others, the odor may persist and involve further measures to efficiently remove the odor. Our sense of smell is the only thing we can use to detect an odor and the most efficient method is to remove the cause.


Bio-one Duval County can help you when it comes to sewage and odor removal. We begin with simple techniques and move on to special techniques if the odor persists. We offer comprehensive services, which include trauma and biohazard scenes such as suicide cleanup, blood spill cleanup, decomposition cleanup, and sewage and odor removal services. All these circumstances can lead to serious health problems if not dealt with properly. We realize the extent of the harm they can cause so we provide professional, safe, and thorough services.