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Free Suicide Prevention and Resource Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Suicide Prevention, Grief, and Recovery

As a company, we’ve witnessed firsthand the lives that are impacted because of suicide.

It’s our desire to do all we can to prevent suicide and to comfort and inform those that survive a family member’s or friend’s suicide.

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    That’s why we’ve created this free guide to provide essential information, resources, and support to help prevent suicide, aid those affected by it, and promote healing and recovery.

    Suicide: A Comprehensive Guide to Prevention, Grief,
    and Recovery

    Take a step towards promoting awareness, understanding, and compassion surrounding suicide.
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    Crisis & Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call 988
    NSPL Online Chat Services*
    Crisis Textline: Text “SAVE” to 741741
    In this extensive guide, you will find valuable insights and guidance on various aspects of suicide, including:

    Suicide Facts and Statistics

    Gain a deeper understanding of the prevalence of suicide and its impact on society, allowing you to be better informed about this critical issue.
    (See page 6.)

    Coping With a Loved One’s Suicide

    Understand the grieving process, ways to cope with loss, and strategies for finding healing and closure after losing someone to suicide.
    (See page 38.)

    What to Do if Someone You Love
    Needs Help

    Learn how to recognize warning signs, approach someone who may be struggling, and provide them with the necessary support.
    (See page 11.)

    Suicide Postvention and Recovery

    Explore the steps you can take to support yourself and others after a suicide, fostering resilience and recovery within communities.
    (See page 47.)

    What to Do if You are Feeling Suicidal
    and Need Help

    If you're facing your own struggles, discover resources and strategies to reach out for help and embark on a journey towards healing.
    (See page 20.)

    Why Bio-One Cares

    Learn about our commitment to suicide prevention and supporting those affected by traumatic events. (See page 54.)

    What to Do When a Suicide Happens

    Guidance on navigating the path forward of a suicide, including immediate steps to take, dealing with law enforcement, and handling the emotional toll.
    (See page 29.)

    A Resource Guide

    Access a curated list of important organizations, helplines, and other resources that offer specialized support for suicide prevention, mental health, grief, and recovery. (See page 55.)
    Learn yourself about suicide prevention, provide comfort to those affected, and contribute to the collective effort to make a positive change in the lives of individuals and communities.
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    As we are often called upon to assist in helping after a suicide happens, Bio-One understands better than most. That's why we put together this comprehensive guide as a free resource.
    Download yours today
    Crisis & Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call 988
    NSPL Online Chat Services*
    Crisis Textline: Text “SAVE” to 741741