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Why You Should Hire a Biohazard Company to Clean Up the Coronavirus

Why You Should Hire a Bio Company to Clean Up the Coronavirus


With the fear of a global pandemic spreading all over the world, the demand for cleanup services to disinfect homes and company spaces is growing. With the infection rate of COVID-19 being as high as it is, and how unfamiliar it remains, you need to make sure to take the necessary precautions and keep yourself and the people around you safe from the dangers of this virus.

One major disadvantage that many are facing during this pandemic is that often, the coronavirus does not show any symptoms until some time has passed. An infected person may spread the infection to others in their vicinity before their own infection is identified, and they begin seeking treatment.

Once they are tested positive, however, the problem doesn’t end. The fact remains that the virus is able to survive for quite a while on various surfaces and that unless effort is made to disinfect these surfaces, there is a high risk of others getting infected as well.

This, however, is not the job of an average person.

Why You Should Not Attempt To Clean Up the Coronavirus Yourself

While there are no obvious signs of hazard in a space that has been contaminated by the coronavirus, it is still extremely dangerous to be in, and even more dangerous to risk cleaning it up on your own. The virus is able to survive on many different surfaces, and these could include the most mundane of items, such as the tea kettle or a doorknob.

If an infected person were to touch these and transmit the virus onto them, any non-infected person who touches them could get sick themselves. Because the virus does not have any apparent symptoms for the first two weeks, this person could then go around spreading the virus to even more people.

The danger of this virus does not lie in its mortality rate, but its spread – one person is capable of spreading the strain to multiple others, who are then able to spread it further, all without even knowing that they themselves are also infected.

While health professionals and authorities have provided several precautionary measures, the average person may not fully understand the extent of its importance, and many of the reported infection cases are due to negligence and lack of proper care taken.

Attempting to clean up a COVID-19 site on your own doesn’t just put you at risk for catching the virus from touching items where the virus may be, but proper care in this regard still doesn’t cut it. While you can wear gloves and masks while cleaning, you never know when you might accidentally breathe in the virus, or if you miss out on a spot and end up catching the virus yourself.

Once you do so, you are not just putting yourself at risk, but also everyone who comes in contact with you, as well as everyone who will be using that space after you. There is also always the possibility that a clean space may get infected by someone who comes in to clean it, not knowing that they are also a carrier of the virus.

Cleaning up such a site is best left to the professionals.

Why You Should Hire a Biohazard Company To Clean Up A Coronavirus Site

The coronavirus, like many other strains, is a biohazard and should be dealt with as such.

Biohazard companies like Bio-One Duval County are not just well-equipped to deal with such problems in terms of their equipment, but also the mindset needed to enter such a dangerous site and clean it up in a way that makes sure to disinfect it, and not just clean it cosmetically. 

Biohazard cleanup companies hire professionals who are well-prepared and knowledgeable about how to deal with major health risks like the coronavirus and can make sure that they take the proper precautions not only to avoid the spread of the virus from the site, but also to make sure that any and all items within the site itself are cleaned up properly, and no traces of the strain are left behind.

Additionally, biohazard companies have the proper licensing and equipment to get rid of any contaminated objects as biohazard waste, which you may not be able to do properly.

Since homes and companies cannot be ‘ridden of,’ it is important that you clean up the site properly to avoid any future spread of the coronavirus.

Precautions to Take When Dealing With COVID-19

Preventive measures are the first line of defense when dealing with the pandemic. The best way to protect yourself and others is to make sure you are practicing good hygiene and following the recommendations outlined by the authorities.

Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water as often as possible – every time you go to the bathroom, before and after eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.

Use alcohol-based disinfectr often.

Avoid touching your face, eyes, mouth, and nose with unwashed hands, and don’t touch them unnecessarily at all.

If you think you are sick, avoid going outside, as this may increase the risk of spreading. Stay at home, and isolate yourself in a room to keep your family members or anyone else you may live with from getting sick as well.

Disease outbreak is a nerve-wracking time, and many people may be suffering from anxiety about their future and their conditions, and having to worry about a virus cleanup can be an additional burden, especially if you are not equipped or trained to do it properly.


Call Bio-One Duval County and get the professional help you need to get your home or office cleaned up properly, and avoid any biohazard risks.