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Effective Suicide Cleanup

Effective Suicide Cleanup


Losing a loved one to suicide can be particularly traumatic. The responsibility of cleaning up the scene of the suicide ends up falling on the family or friends who have discovered the body which is an unimaginable task for someone mourning the unexpected loss of a loved one. It’s important to hire someone for effective suicide cleanup as cleaning up will take effort, time and expertise when excessive blood if involved.


Importance of Suicide Cleanup


1.     Safety:


The scene of a suicide can be horrific, with bodily components that may pose serious health risks such as hepatitis and HIV that do not necessarily show visible signs of disease. Suicide and death cleanup must be carried out by trained and experienced cleaners in order to protect your health as well as that of present and future residents of the area. The space can be fully covered with blood and body fluids after a suicide/death, and it can also be destroyed. It can also be an extremely overwhelming experience, and it might be difficult to even fathom thinking where to start the cleanup.

Professionals are actually better equipped during a suicide cleanup process to shield themselves from exposure to biohazardous materials.

2.     Thoroughness

Furthermore, specialists are best able to ensure a systematic and detailed suicide cleanup process. Due to the efforts of an accomplished, tenacious professional, the ultimate goal of returning a property to livability and functionality is best achieved.

Cleaning up the scene of a suicide includes, but is not limited to, disinfecting, cleaning, removing and packing all products that constitute a "bio-hazardous disease risk" and objects that have been contaminated with bodily fluids (urine, blood etc.) and unpleasant odors. People specially trained for this type of work are specialists in identifying and treating areas that might be infected.

For example, when a gun is used to commit suicide, there is a lot of material present that the naked eye cannot see. For the cleaners’ safety, as well as that of current and future residents, it is essential that all remains are properly handled.

3.     Emotional Considerations

Ultimately, there is overwhelming sadness and other emotions facing a person or family who loses a loved one to suicide. The feelings associated with a loved one's suicide can be extremely deep and pervasive. Taking on the role of personally cleaning up a suicide scene can magnify the psychological and emotional response to this form of death manifold. Hiring a professional service is also helps lessen the emotional trauma you are already experiencing.

This is where Bio-one Duval County comes in. We are committed to returning your property to a safe and livable state. We offer comprehensive and thorough services, which include trauma and biohazard scenes, including but not limited to blood spill cleanup, suicide cleanup, and decomposition cleanup. We realize all the various risks so we provide professional and safe services. Let a professional take care of the cleanup so you can through your grief.