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How the Mind of a Hoarder Works

Understanding the Mind of a Hoarder


Hoarding is a destructive and addictive habit. This article uncovers how the mind of a hoarder works, and gives useful tips to fix the problem.

Understanding a Hoarder’s Thought Process

Hoarding refers to a continued behavior of accumulating things and the failure to discard them in time. This behavior is self destructive and affects the life of a hoarder and those around them.

A hoarder simply delays disposing off unwanted items or leaves waste unattended. With the passage of time, such items turn into biological hazards that cause diseases.

Contrary to a healthy behavior, a hoarder feels distressed even at the thought of disposing the items. Hoarding may also be associated with other conditions, such as obsessive compulsive disorder and depression.

The Severity of the Issue

The problem causes extreme embarrassment for a hoarder, leading to social isolation. This is because a hoarder’s friends may tend to avoid visiting such person’s house or meeting them.

The problem sometimes becomes so severe that it results in separation between life partners and families. As this situation threatens personal relations and quality of life, it causes anxiety and other mental illnesses.

When items are left unattended for long periods of time, these generate rust or liquids as they change their form, and cause biological hazards.

Dealing with the Problem

The first step in dealing with this issue is to differentiate between hoarding and cluttering.

Cluttering may refer to a collection of things that are lying at a place in an untidy state. However, hoarding is a stock of items in a large quantity.

While both cluttering and hoarding may seem similar, only the latter reflects a psychological disorder.

Severity of the issue can be determined with the help of a mental health professional.

Resolving the Issue:

The easiest way to prevent accumulation is to break the habit of hoarding.

A person who likes to hoard can even maintain a small box to keep unwanted items and discard them as soon as they are generated.

Setting up an alarm and maintaining a schedule can also help dispose of the stuff on a regular basis. Donating the items that can be reused is also a smart way to avoid hoarding.

Getting Help for Cleanup

Hoarding cleanup may require professional expertise as there is always a risk of getting in contact with germs or bacteria. Are you looking for a professional cleanup company to get in touch with?


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