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The Risk Of Falling And Getting Trapped In The House

Risk of Falling and Getting Trapped In Your House


Your house is supposed to be your safe haven but there are many risks associated with it, such as the risk of falling and getting trapped. This risk is compounded if you are a hoarder, whose house is full to the brim, leaving no room for walking.

Here are a few things that increase the risk of falling and getting trapped in your house:

1.    Slippery Rugs

Sure, rugs are pretty and they make your home look cozy but they tend to curl up at the edges or slip. This can lead to you to trip and fall. Falling is a huge cause of unintended injury-related death according to the National Safety Council. It affects all ages, though older people should be particularly careful as they are more susceptible to injury. You should ensure safety by investing in rugs and carpets which do not slip and not crowding your room too much.

2.    Inappropriate Footwear and Padding on Stairs

You might feel like slipping on your comfy socks at home but your hardwood floors don’t go well with them. You should use non-slip adhesive strips on your stairs and always wear the right kind of footwear to improve traction and reduce the chance of falling. By wearing the right kind of footwear and ensuring safe stair coverings, you can mitigate the risk of falling on the stairs and the injuries that it can cause.

3.    In-Shower Railings or Bathroom Mats

A slippery tub can also increase the risk of slipping and falling. That's why you should always have a bath mat and/or insert railings in the shower. The National Safety Council recommends the use of appliqués or non-skid mats in the tub and shower to help avoid errors. These function as a buffer between your bare feet and the floor of the slippery bath. The Council also recommends adding grab bars in the shower and tub particularly if you live with the elderly or young children.

Any of the aforementioned things can increase your risk of falling which in turn increases the risk of getting trapped in your house. This is particularly in the case with the elderly who are unable to get back up and those who hoard as their home is too full for them to find a way out.


You should contact a service to help you with hoarding cleanup so that your risk of falling does not increase. It is not possible to de-clutter all on your own. Duval County Hoarding can help you or your loved one with their hoarding problems. From clutter removal to cleaning out toxic waste, we handle all hoarding situations. We are the leading company in hoarding removal, maintaining strict principles and a genuine desire to help people get their lives back on track. We understand the difficulty hoarding poses and the risk it has for your health so we offer you with the help you need.